Snapshot Love: Ruth & Michael

Happy Monday Beaus! Thought we’d start off the week with some sunshine-filled cuteness courtesy of Ryan and Heidi Photography and our sweet, sweet couple, Ruth & Michael.  Seriously, some of our absolute favorite engagements. We think each and every single one of them is just so dreamy.

Ruth & Michael2

Ruth & Michael3

Ruth & Michael 4

Ruth & Michael5

Ruth & Michael 6

Ruth & Michael 7

Ruth & Michael 8

Ruth & Michael9

Ruth & Michael10

Working with these two sweethearts has been such a blast and we’re excited we get to keep planning with them for their July wedding at Ponte Winery! Such sweet things in the works for this lovely couple!

Snapshot Love: Ashley & Danny

From the moment we laid eyes on these stunning engagement photos by the incredibly  talented Amy Lynn Photography we knew she had really captured the spirit of these two amazing people. As you can see this stunning couple can literally light up any room with their love of fun and for each other. We seriously can’t wait to see this same fun loving energy celebrated by their wonderful family and friends on their big day next week.








I mean really how can you not have a huge grin after looking at these gorgeous photos, this couple is just too cute! We are just beyond thrilled to be apart of Ashley & Danny’s bohemian seaside wedding at one of our favorite venues- The Scripps Seaside Forum. Keep an eye out for some sneak peeks on our Instagram.

Snapshot Love: Raqel & Madison

Well, you may have already seen some sneak peeks of this beyond cute couple’s wedding on our instagram, but their engagements shot by Logan Cole were just waaaaaay too epic not to share. This is why we love Logan. So not true, we love him for many reasons!

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Yup, we warned you. Pretty epic. When life hands you rain, you make pretty pictures. Stay tuned for more  of this adorbs couple’s wedding!

Snapshot Love: Kelsey & Stephen

The best way to describe today’s snapshot love couple is pretty freaking adorable! We are sure you will agree when you take a glimpse at the stunning photos captured below. Kelsey and Stephen met and fell in love while in collage and have been inseparable ever since. There are some couples who seem to light up around each other and just make it all look easy, as you can see these two are one of those couples. Not only are Kelsey & Stephen super amazing but they got to spend the day being captured by another pretty rad couple, Chadwick & Jenika of Studio Castillero. We are seriously counting down the days not only until this amazing wedding, but to get to hang out with these talented photographers!















Snapshot Love: Abey & Matt

Our jaws dropped when we saw these gorgeous photos in our inbox last week. We immediately asked our sweet bride Abey if we could share these stunners on our lil ol’ blog. So glad she was more than happy to have us post her & Matt’s dreamy engagements shot by her best friend, the fabulous Tara McMullen. We’re so excited to have Tara also capturing Abey & Matt’s big day! Now check out all of the romantic goodness below….











Pretty much exactly what you hope & dream your engagements will turn out looking like, right!? Doesn’t hurt if you’re also gorgeous like these two! Abey always looks flawless, but there’s a great story behind why she looks extra radiant. She didn’t think Tara was going to make it to her bridal shower last week being that Abey lives in LA and Tara in Canada. Tara being the awesome pal she is surprised her at the shower and then hired the glam pro- Amy Clarke to doll her up for this impromptu session. Matt was in on it of course! Just amazing. Head over to Tara’s blog to see more pics & to hear the story told much better!

Is your curiosity piqued and you’re just dying to know what’s in store for their Ace Palm Springs nuptials? Well, head on over to check out what we’ve been pinning down for them!

Maya & Michael’s Engagement Film

We always see tons of engagement photo shoots out there in the wedding world, but not very often do we get to see an engagement film. Thats why we were so excited when this video fell into our laps from one of our sweet couples. Trick pony productions did an amazing job with this film showing who each of these two are, what they each love, and how all of those things makes up there amazing relationship and their love for each other. It was such a sweet touch to have this video play during the wedding reception for all of their guests to see!


Check back soon because we will be sharing Maya & Michael’s wedding video by Trick pony productions very shortly!

Snapshot Love: Jenni & Jeff

Brace yourselves for one of the cutest couples we’ve ever met! Jenni & Jeff are out of this world sweet and so it was very fitting that we met them for the first time at the ultimate sweet shop, Bottega Louie. They have the cutest style (seriously looks like they stepped out of a Madewell catalog) so it’s not surprising that they picked one of Palm Spring’s newest hotels for their May nuptials, Alcazar. It will be the perfect backdrop for their stylish whimsical & nature inspired wedding!

This is heaven- gorgeous ring & a delicious s’more!!

 Great style runs in the family–Jenni’s mama shot all of the pics! Congrats again you two-we’re  so excited to be a part of the wedding!!

photos by Carol Zimmerman

Snapshot Love: Kristen & Jeff

Get ready for some seriously stylish engagements! From our first meeting with Kristen a few months ago, to the second floral meeting we had with her last week, every outfit this girl wears is just ridiculously cool! Really think we should convince her to start an outfit a day blog so we can get our daily fix. You can bet her future hubs is just as fashionable too! We love how their personalites shine through in these gorgeous pics captured by the super talented Ja Tecson.

Kristen & Jeff are self- described techies! They thought of a super cute way to work instagram in to their wedding reception and we can not wait to share the details!

Another super sweet & personal detail that we’re incorporating into their big day- wrapped flowers! Kristen’s favorite, especially since Jeff always surprises her with them! What a sweetheart!

See what we mean about her killer style? Gah, it’s off the charts. Clearly so is Jeff’s love for this lady!!

We are so excited for their wedding at Anthology in just a few short weeks! It’s going to be the perfect blend of  charming & modern— just like these two! Congrats K & J!!

Snapshot Love: Brandon & Karen

We are beyond excited to be sharing one of our darling couples with you all today! After our first meeting with Brandon & Karen we knew two things; one they are madly in love with each other, and two they wanted a fabulous wedding which we are so excited to be a part of. We can barely wait for this sweet couple’s upcoming summer wedding at the stunning Bel Air Bay Club. Of course, we wouldn’t be sharing this gorgeous couple with you without these phenomenal photos shot by the talented Phoebe Joy Photography, who we are extremely excited to be working with. Take a look below and see why.
Keep an eye out for more of Brandon & Karen and their wedding in the upcoming months!