High Fashion Inspiration: Anna Sui

Happy Wednesday Beaus! Today we’re serving you up some more designer inspiration for weddings & parties! This week it’s all about  mix-master Anna Sui. Just like Anna’s aesthetic, be daring with how you style your party and use glossy black accents everywhere you can. Black & white stripes and mixed patterns pair perfectly to achieve the eclectic, yet pulled together touch; very reminiscent of the looks always shown on her runway shows. Taking a cue from the designer’s branding, go Art Nouveau with your paper goods and use decorative touches and borders on your invites and escort cards. If you really wanna be a showstopping hostess, string these awesome diamond lights above the dining table to awe your guests. Bright flowers and macaroons add a pop of color & fun! The Sui girl is all about having a good time….

{Anna Sui Logo. Tablescape. Diamond Lightbulbs. Flowers. Invites. Anna Sui Wedding Dress. Escort Cards. Tights. Macarons. Flowers. Goblets}

What do you think about black as a main wedding color? Love it or leave it!?

The unconventional wedding video

We are huge fans of wedding video’s and all of the real life moments that they capture. Unfortunately we find that many couples opt out of videography for there big day, since they think once you have seen one wedding video you have seen them all. So when we come across wedding video’s that are from a whole new prospective and tell the story in a very unique way, we just have to share them with you all. There is nothing usual about this wedding video that Velare Imaginarium dreamed up, which is why we just love it so much! What could be better than a wedding moving forward? how about a wedding day in reverse!


Whats your take on this innovative wedding video?

Wedding Photo Wednesday!

It’s that time of week when we know you need a little giggle to help you make it through to the weekend. Next time you find yourself a little grumpy with your best friend’s choice in bridesmaids dresses, all you need to do is take a look at this beauty and it may put things in perspective…

Please note the stuffed animals that had to make it into the shot as well!

Interior Inspiration: Hip Home to Haute Wedding

We’ve mentioned many a time that we gather inspiration from everywhere; music, fashion, books, products in stores, people on the streets, and of course interior styling! We admit that we have neglected our interior lovin’ a bit on the blog. Hence, we’ve decided on a fun new post that takes one picture from a home (could be of a bathroom, living room, bedroom, garden, etc.) and transform it into wedding/party inspiration!  Today is this lovely shot of a golden mustard, grey, and blush bedroom full of texture…


Gold & blush are big right now, but I love how the addition of  the deeper grey shade makes it  a more unexpected color palette. Had to have a ruffly dress & cake  to bring in all of that great texture. Rad that this combo could go for both soft & vintage inspired fetes or modern and romantic weddings! I dipped my toe into both on the board below for a nice mix.


What do you think about interior inspiration? Are you drawing inspiration from home decorating for your big day? Share with us any pics & projects if you are!

Real Bride Blogger Jessica: Seafoam, Celedon, and Mint Oh My!

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m a people pleaser. Finding bridesmaid dresses, aka, one of the most dreaded tasks for a bride like myself, almost lead me to a full on wedding meltdown. Lucky for me, I have such amazing bridesmaids, that as soon as I started to panic they stepped in and reassured me that I should be focusing on what I want, and told me to pick the outfits I had always envisioned for the wedding. My girls are so accommodating and flexible, they definitely turned this daunting search into a joyous one.  I would love to share how my bridal party came about being out-fitted in this post!

I knew from the beginning I wanted my girls to wear floor-length, flowing bridesmaid dresses to compliment my lace gown; that was the starting point. I also wanted the dresses to match the beachy vibe of the wedding. Nothing too fussy, just effortless chic. Long & airy dresses to capture the perfect balance of casual, yet put-together for our fall wedding night at the beach.

{Via Peppermint Bliss & People }

I played around with putting all the girls in the same dress, but ultimately my heart was set on the mismatched look. Browsing through Pinterest, I was able to find pictures of my vision. Different dresses but overall cohesiveness was the final choice. I think the key to the mismatched dresses is to make sure they have a unifying element such as the same fabric, color, or shape. The dresses really need to look interrelated and not competing to work together, in my opinion.

{via Ruffled & Annette Gomez }

I also love that the mismatched look means each girl is able to pick out her own dress that matches her body type and personal style. Let’s be honest it’s hard to find a dress that looks good on everyone. Plus, bridesmaid dresses can be expensive, so why not let your besties pick something they want? I really felt it was important that my girls each selected something they loved- because I really want them to feel beautiful and special on the Big Day. Honestly, I can’t stress how important it is to have happy bridesmaids that adore their dresses- I want my girls to feel great and be dancing the night away, not hiding from embarrassment in the corner!

{via Swell. ASOS. Nordstrom}

The dresses above were all contenders. Then, I discovered that Dessy offers a huge selection of bridesmaid dresses in every style and shade under the rainbow. At first I thought of doing the girls in different shades for an ombre effect. We played around with the  Spa, Celadon, and Meadow colors. Since there are only three girls, we decided to stick with one shade to make it more consistent. We chose Meadow, as the perfect shade of blue/green that will also go great with the guys’ grey suits.

I told my girls to pick any Dessy or After Six dress they liked in Meadow in a long chiffon style. I think the combo they came up with looks amazing, see the winning dresses above. All the dresses go together but each girl’s style will be able to shine. See Kate’s inspiration board below for how she’s envisioning the look coming together. I can’t wait for us all to get dressed up together on the Big Day. We are going to be one sexy bridal party!

Click board above to see larger! {necklace.dress. nails. hair. shoes}

Snapshot Love: Kristen & Jeff

Get ready for some seriously stylish engagements! From our first meeting with Kristen a few months ago, to the second floral meeting we had with her last week, every outfit this girl wears is just ridiculously cool! Really think we should convince her to start an outfit a day blog so we can get our daily fix. You can bet her future hubs is just as fashionable too! We love how their personalites shine through in these gorgeous pics captured by the super talented Ja Tecson.

Kristen & Jeff are self- described techies! They thought of a super cute way to work instagram in to their wedding reception and we can not wait to share the details!

Another super sweet & personal detail that we’re incorporating into their big day- wrapped flowers! Kristen’s favorite, especially since Jeff always surprises her with them! What a sweetheart!

See what we mean about her killer style? Gah, it’s off the charts. Clearly so is Jeff’s love for this lady!!

We are so excited for their wedding at Anthology in just a few short weeks! It’s going to be the perfect blend of  charming & modern— just like these two! Congrats K & J!!

Wedding Photo Wednesday!

Wedding planning can be oh so serious & just downright stressful at times, so why not take a moment each week to laugh at a wacky wedding photo with us!? We’ll be posting gems like the one below every Wednesday. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and remember even the hottest trends now can end up looking like this….

There’s A Wedding App For That!

When Kate and I are not chained to our computers, then our smart phone’s are not far from our hands. We are constantly downloading the newest apps to help make our lives a little easier or add a little fun (A favorite right now in the B&A office is alike). We know that brides are busy ladies so we have put together a few of our favorite wedding apps to help you make the planning processes just a tad bit easier.

Appy Couple is the perfect app for any tech savvy couple and easy enough for the not so tech savvy. Appy couple allows you to create your very own wedding app, your guests can download the app and find out all of the details they need for your big day. The app includes a wedding schedule, directions, bridal party list, registry, the couples story and much more.

If your trying to figure out the best way to keep track of all of your wedding budget details while on the go try Wedding budget. You can easily keep track of all of your wedding expenses and see when you are under or over budget.

Are you worried about keeping your dance floor packed with great energy and lots of dancing. Fun wedding includes the top 200 most requested wedding songs, You also get the top 50 bride & groom, bride & father, groom & mother, bridal party, bouquet, garter, and introduction songs, what more could you need to boogie the night away.

Lastly we have one of our absolute favorite new apps out there right now Wedding Party. With this custom app you can invite your guests to download the app and upload all of the pictures they capture on your big day to the app gallery.

What are your favorite apps right now?

A Little Bit Rock & Roll

Maybe it’s the lack of Monday Morning Mixes I’ve been able to post lately, but I’m really jonesing for a heavily music inspired wedding to pop up and make me go oooh and ahhh. I would probably keel over and die if a couple asked us to re-create this Rock & Roll influenced fete. There’s nothing hair band esque or  over-the top about this made up event I’m imagining. Yes, we would need to bring in the glam rock with a smidge of sparkle, but I’m seeing everything else sleek & stream lined. Especially in love with the components in the board below: modern black & white portraits, retro record player, studded Jonathan adler vases, simple neon bar, sexy script, and rich flowers…….

{suit.poster.studs.cake.getting ready.record player.portraits.gold vase.white vase.type.bar.flowers}