It’s Cookie Time! Scout’s Honor Photo Shoot

Seems like it was just yesterday that we were putting the final touches on this shoot. Almost 4 months later and after it’s been featured on Green Wedding Shoes and The Party Press blog, we decided we better share our favorite shots! We get so giddy every time we look at pictures from this one, so you would think we would have had this up asap!  To be honest I think we just didn’t know where to begin. We got SO many amazing pictures back from Katie Scott of Swoon by Katie. Seriously every thing this lady shoots is gold. See below.

The tablescape was definitely a labor of love. We spent hours spray painting the mini lanterns and the canteens, which were camo print in a previous life, and sewing the pink ribbon around the canteens. We also had to remove all the  labels from the glass Strabucks frappuccino drinks that were used as milk milk bottles- but it was all worth it to see it come together!

The lovely ladies over at Blush Botanicals created the most stunning centerpiece for the table! They totally got the vibe we were going for and nailed it. They put together the dreamiest arrangements…..

The table wouldn’t have looked so flawless either without the gorgeous linens provided by Wildflower and the Chiavari Chairs from Allie’s Party Rentals. These details definitely helped create the overall vision.

Can we talk about how awesome all of the paper elements are!? Posh Paperie is amazing to work with- so creative and so enthusistic! Still obsessed with the invites and of course the little mini Beverly Hills esque dessert markers! We die!

Seriously all of these girls are already stunning, but we were so lucky to have  10.11 Make up & Hair  there to get them camera ready. They worked their magic and made the girls look flawless. Love how natural and radiant they all look- check out that killer hair!

Our Bridal Survial Kit read “always be prepared” and was stocked with mini tools for mini emergencies! Safety pins, bobby pins, hair spray, lint roller, breath mints, sewing kit, lotion, eye drops, blotting tissues, band-aids, you name it we had it!

We can’t sing Stevi from Hey There! Cupcake’s praises enough! She is a true artist! If you can dream it she can make it out of cake. Annnd make it taste amazing too! We had “Scout’s Honor Strawberry” cupcakes, “Do-Si-I Do” peanut butter cupcakes, and mini Smore’s cupcakes, in addition to the Girl Scout sash inspired cake! Her attention to detail is unparralled. Love the subtle trefoil pattern on the cake.

Moss Vintage Rentals really helped set the scene with all of their vintage books, dinnerware, and cake plates. Love the table we got to borrow for the dessert station! It was perfect and we couldn’t help thinking it would make an amazing sweetheart table too!

Let us remind you that it was not Girl Scout cookie season when we did this shoot and there were no Samoa’s to come by! Luckily, the kind people of VG Donuts & Bakery  helped us create these delicious homemade versions of the cookie.

Still obsessed with the vintage Girl Scout camera we scored on ebay! Too cute for words….

Big thanks to our wonderful models! We adore you for braving that cold December day and rocking it in the spring outfits we put you in!

D-I-Y Confetti Plates

Remember these fun plates from the Peace, Love, Cake shoot? Well, I made them! I wanted to share how I did it too, since it’s pretty simple. It actually all started with these Kate Spade plates we were lusting over. We got it in our heads that those were the perfect plates for the shoot, but were super bummed to find out they only came as a dessert plates……so we improvised!

If you’re familiar with our About Us then you’ll know that Ellen is waaaaaay better at d-i-y projects, so the fact that I made them is a true testament to how anyone can make them. If it involves spray paint and being able to color outside the lines then I’m in! Read below for the items you’ll need to get started on this d-i-y!

The materials: you’ll need metallic spray paint (gold!), sharp hole punch, scissors, xacto  knife, painter’s tape, plate(s), and a small disposable bowl.

Take a piece of painter’s tape several inches long, pull it tight, and then punch holes in it sporadically, or in your various design. This is where a nice sharp hole punch comes in handy. Mine was a little old, so often times it did not fully punch out the hole. It would leave the punched out circle hanging there, and thus the xacto is needed to finish the job and cut the circle out neatly. The cleaner your holes are punched out, the cleaner and more perfect the shape will appear on the plate.

Once you punch the holes out cleanly on your piece of tape, firmly press the strip down on your plate. I placed my tape in horizontal strips all along the plate to ensure it covered the rim, but if you have a thicker tape you could run it vertical and be fine (probably use less tape too!) The plate pictured below was the first plate I did so I experimented and painted sections at a time, but it’s of course more efficient to cover the whole plate all at once and spray and then remove.

Sometimes I left whole strips of tape without any holes punched out to make the design look more random and not too busy. I also intentionally tried to line some of my holes right on the rim of the plate so part would get cut off and not look so perfectly spaced.

The plate below was one of the ones I did further into the process, after I had mastered the technique and felt confident covering the whole plate at once. Remember, whatever you don’t cover on the plate will be gold after you spray it! Before you spray it’s also a good idea to go back and run your fingers over all of the holes and make sure they’re firmly pressed down. A couple of times, mine weren’t and the circles did not turn out perfectly. Luckily, either from the plate I was using or the paint, I was able to go back right after and chip the paint off the plate. Cleaning up the circle or completely removing it if I didn’t love it.

I got lucky and had some paper bowls lying around the house that fit perfectly in the middle of the plate. I taped the bowl down securely so that no paint would leak in while I sprayed and it worked great! As you can see in the pic below, I reused my bowl and tape several times!

Ta-da! The finished product. As I mentioned before, you can go back later and chip the paint off the plate. In order to prevent chipping later on you would probably want to seal the paint with spray on sealer or another technique. It was beneficial to us though to be able to chip off some of the dots we didn’t love for the shoot, but for anyone wanting to use these charger plates at  a dinner party, etc. it would be smart to seal them.

We have another great d-i-y to share from the Peace, Love, Cake shoot next week! Ellen’s glowing gold paper flowers! Stay tuned…..

Friday Feature: Bee’s Knees Baking Co.

We are always looking for new, fun, and DELICIOUS ways to display and serve desserts at events. So when I spotted these glorious treats the other day I knew they would be the prefect friday feature. I would like to introduce to you the Cake-cup from Bee’s Knees Baking Co. located in New York City. Cake-cups were created as a individual serving, easy to eat on the go, fresh cake without compromising style. We think their name says it all, these cake-cups really are the bee’s knees

A few of the flavors you can find from Bee’s Knees Baking Co: PB & J cake with Strawberry Cayenne Jam & Peanut Butter Mousse, Honey Bourbon Bourbon Cake with Burnt Honey Cream and Candied Ginger, Red Velvet Classic Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting & Roasted Pecans, and my personal favorite Chocolate Toffee Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel & Pecan Toffee Crumbles.

What cake-cup flavor would you choose?

Monday Morning Mix: Covered in Love

I really enjoy a good cover song. This edition of Monday Morning Mix is all covers for your listening pleasure. Also went in a more mellow, direction to match all of this  rainy & overcast weather, so grab a coffee, press play, and enjoy.

Kiss me, I’m Irish!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Right in between Valentine’s Day and Easter this year, it’s easy for some to overlook the holiday, but not me. Any day that gives one the excuse to wear emerald attire, drink green beer, and pinch innocent unsuspecting people, deserves to be celebrated! I even went as far as to round-up some lovely Patty’s Day wedding inspiration….hope you enjoy!


Whilst looking for fun green details, I came across several emerald wedding dresses I remember loving when they first hit the blogs. I really adore the idea of wearing a colored wedding dress and think they’re going to be seen more and more, but wanted to hear some thoughts…would you opt out of traditional white to don a rich hue? Let me know in the comments below! I also rounded up a few new green gowns to go ga ga for…..


Cheers to a wonderfully, lucky day! Remember to drink your green beer responsibly!

Here’s To The Boys…

Ok boys we know we don’t talk about things that interest you to much here on the B&A blog so we figured today we would change that and focus just on you. We are going to be blunt, when it comes to the grooms apparel their is definite room for improvement. Arn’t you boys tired of  having every grooms suit look exactly the same, I know we are. We think it is time for you grooms out there to step up your game, I mean really its your big day too!  Here are a few styles we would love to see coming down the aisle…

Really loving the extra touch of Glamour that the velvet blazer gives, which comes in a variety of great colors.

 A brown tweed or tan suit is always a nice contrast to the usual black that we always see.

Nothing against the gray suit, but we have seen that trend quite a lot lately, So why not jazz it up a little and try a royal blue suit instead.

For a wedding with more of a casual feel why not try one of these great vest looks. This look is also great if you are having a vintage style wedding.

Finally, if a few of you grooms are feeling a little more daring, maybe even a little chuck bass esque. Try going with a metallic look shown here with the gold metallic pants. Or you could go with the fun pop of color, having a neutral top and colorful pants or vis versa.

Guys, which style would you like to don on your wedding day? Ladies, which style would you like to see your man walking down the aisle in?

All Pictures Via Pintesert.

Wednesday Colorway: Lavendar & Ruby

Purple and Red are both tricky colors to pull off on their own and putting them together, that’s just plain crazy! My opinion, up until I stumbled upon the image of Jessica Stam backstage at a fashion show on the Glitter Guide Tumblr and have been smitten for the past week with the color combo. Obsessed with the purple flowers on her blouse, the pale pinky tiered skirt, and the slightest pop of red through the headband just sent me over the edge. So unexpected and perfectly girly. Had to be my new favorite combo for Spring.

This pairing would be gorgeous and whimsical for a Spring wedding. Love the idea of having the main colors be softer lavendars, lilacs, and then out of nowhere accents of deep crimson. Just a touch to make your heart skip a beat. Try the linens, most of your flowers, even your dress in the soft dreamy hues and then kick it up a notch by  going rogue with your shoes!

{Jessica.Cake.Bottles.Flowers.Paint.Invite.Gown.Shoes.Lavendar. Peonies}

Friday Feature: Swoon by Katie

Today we are honored to feature our dear friend Katie Scott and her phenomenal photography company Swoon by Katie.  We must warn you that we are completely obsessed with Katie and all of her work and pretty sure that you will be too after this post. As you can see from her work in the pictures below every image captured by Katie seems to be bursting with sweet emotions of love and happiness. You truly feel as though you have been given a front row seat into each couples special day. Of course we can’t talk about how stunning Katie’s work is without mentioning she is one of the sweetest gals in town.

How cute are these two!

We just can’t stop swooning over this beautiful moment captured by Katie!

You may also recognize Katie’s work from when we were so lucky  to collaborate with her on our girl scout photo shoot a few months back, we have a few other great projects in the works with the wonderful Katie so keep an eye out.

Check out more of Katie’s work and her blog over at her beautiful new website Swoon by Katie where you can enter to win an iPad 3!!! Yes you heard that right Swoon by Katie is giving away a iPad 3 to one lucky winner.

So what are you waiting for? get over to her site and enter to win!

Watercolor Wednesday

Yay! We have made it to wednesday!  I thought I would mark the half way point of the week and give you an little design pick me up to help get you through to the weekend. What better way than some watercolor inspiration that I am gushing over for a spring/summer backyard soiree. Watercolor has a wonderful natural ombre effect which gives it a soft and elegant feel, while still creating a bold impact.

There are just so many beautiful color combinations to choose from when it comes to watercolor it is so hard to choose a favorite, but right now I am just loving this vibrant sunset color scheme for an evening get together. I don’t think I can wait to use this inspiration for the summer, I think I might be seeing a dinner party in my near future

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Do any of you have any fun watercolor DIY projects? If so we would love to hear about them!

Hello March!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Well at least it is to be a wedding planner, March marks the beginning of when all of the most beautiful flowers begin to appear. As a disclaimer to all of the brides out there, yes you can find amazing flowers anytime of the year, but I have to admit we are a little bias when it comes to spring flowers. I mean you just really can’t go wrong with a gorgeous fluffy peony or a simple peach color ranunculus. Since March has officially arrived we thought we would share a few of our fav spring time arrangements. We hope you like what you see!


What is your favorite spring time flower??