B&A in Palm Springs!

We’re blogging from the ACE hotel in Palm Springs and lovin’ it! Although we’re only here for a couple of days for a site visit we look like the picture below. We’re ladies who don’t travel lightly……

Friday Feature: Speak Louder

If you know us well then you know that fashion & Etsy are two of the most beloved things on this earth in our book. Oh, and we love a really good looking male accessory. Of course we’re referring to ties, bowties, and pocket squares.

The Speak Louder Etsy shop delivers on all accounts. Stylish. Affordable. Easy. Yup, easy. They group together coordinating patterns and prints of their bowties, pocket squares, and ties and sell them as a lovely wedding set so it takes all the guess work out of styling for you. Don’t think we could love that any more.

Classic pocket square paired with a fun tie? Check!

Adore this collection of black, white, and charcoal accessories. Even with out the charming liberty prints, the mixing of all of the different styles and fabrics will make the groomsmen look so GQ without looking like they tried to hard.

Yes, had to include practically every piece in the collection because each one is like a little work of art and  so refreshingly original. Love this funky floral pastel print they got going on.

 No excuse for your groomsmen looking anything less than spectacular now.  Click yourself over to their Etsy shop to ensure they look dapper for your big day. We understand though if you don’t want them looking prettier than you. It’s just like dating Brad Pitt.

The Real Secret Garden

We thought we would share some eye candy with all of you today that truly is a jaw dropper! When we first came across these stunning pictures we thought that they were paintings, rather than photographers of a real garden. We are still in complete awe of this picturesque garden known as the wisteria tunnel at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens, located in Kitakyushu, Japan. Can’t you just imagine the most breath taking wedding or dinner party taking place under this canopy of Wisteria

Images via Gardendesign.com

Monday Morning Mix: Caramel Whimsy

Doing things a bit differently for the Monday Morning Mix. Inspiration can be found everywhere, but if you’re anything like us then a main soure of your inspiration comes from music. Was listening to an oldie but a goodie, “Caramel” by Suzanne Vega, and dreamt up this whimsical pink, and carmel colored inspiration board. Can’t decide if I want to live in the board or lick it? Now that I think about it I’m really just craving a salted caramel from Superfine Bakery. The ones we scored from The Cream were so yummy…still day dreaming about them over a month later!

{eyelet.cake.caramel marble.flowers.settee.clothes}

The Art Of Paper

Have you guys heard of quilling? Well I just learned about this medium of art and can say I am completely captivated by it. Quilling is the use of strips of paper that can be rolled, shaped, and glued to the background to create an image. Two of the biggest names in paper artwork are Yulia Brodskaya and Sabeena karnik, take a look at some of their pieces below, but be prepared to be completely blown away…

Above images by: Yulia Brodskaya

Above images by: Sabeena karnik

What is your favorite medium of art?

Friday Feature: Root 75

So excited to shine a spotlight on the breathtakingly beautiful work of local San Diego event florist and boutique, Root 75!

 If that name sounds familiar to you it’s probably because you saw their handiwork a couple of weeks ago on that lil ole wedding blog Style Me Pretty! Katherine really outdid herself on all of the stunning florals for their sweet Coronado wedding that was recently featured. See below for the gorgeous proof in pictures!

Although the Root 75 shop is a relatively new fixture in Coronado, Katherine has been arranging event florals for 10 years. It really shows too- each creation is a little work of art with every branch and blossom perfectly placed.

The bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets are some of my all time faves! Love how all of the arrangements and bouquets are slightly different, but still go together so beautifully.

The little unexpected touches that Katherine incorporates is what makes us fall in love with every creation that comes out of Root 75. And all of that wonderful texture! Never a boring bouquet from them.

{Photos from Style Me Pretty; Captured by Suzanne Hansen of She Wanders}

Not to mention the incredibly dreamy and romantic look and feel all of their flowers embody……

Dying over these soft ballet hues. They look like they belong in a Degas painting…

Before we met Katherine at her and Kristy’s shop, we read their about us and were immeadiately thrilled to meet! Seriously, it’s hilarious. And Katherine did not dissapoint. She is so warm and inviting, you honestly feel like you’ve known her for ages after one visit! Plus, gotta admit I had a little bit of a girl crush on her outfit. She looked like she stepped straight out of a Jenna Lyons- styled to perfection- J Crew catalog. Gorgeous and effortless just like the shop!

If you’re in the San Diego area it seriously can’t be missed! Every shelf and ladder is filled with covetable items. From Orange & Park prints, to funky votives, and the cutest mercury glass bottles you ever did see- you will want to leave with everything.

Wish you could score some of their flowers!? We’ve seen them have multiple giveaways on their facebook page! They deliver them to the lucky winners…….

On that note, we leave you with some heavenly close-ups of the florals that come out of this shop everyday! So excited and honored to have multiple weddings with Root 75 coming up this year! Lucky us!

Monday Obsession: Monograms Done Right

Monograms get a bad rap. I know I’ve seen some cheesy ones in my day, but lately people have been getting it right and making them look better than ever for weddings. Dare I say chic? Monograms instantly transform something from ordinary to a custom designed item- just with a few initials. Plus, they remind everyone why they’re all there celebrating in the first place- to see two people start their lives together and become one, and there can’t be a better reason to put your initals all over everything than that,right?

{Wall decal monogram via Bash Please, photo by Charley Star}

Decals are a great way to cover a large, white space with something decorative. The best part, they come right off at the end of the night and are often resuable, so you can stick up your monogram at home too!

{Reception table shot by Jill Thomas Photography}

This head table is about as traditional as they come, and I love everything about it! Best place to display your monogram? Right in front of you and your sweetie! Will make for great photos all night.

{Escort display with Moss Monogram via Ruffled shot by Kyle Hale}

The moss monogram has become a staple at weddings; usually seen hanging off chairs or on the doors into the reception. I love how they framed this one and used it with the moss covered escort card table. Another item to display at home after the wedding!

{Cake and invites via Greylikes, photo by Samuel Lippke }

The cake monogram is probably the trickiest of all to master. This one nailed it continuing the same script used on the invites. Love how it’s subtle and not all in your face. Goes great with the rest of the rustic decor!

{Custom Monogram Heraldry by Happy Menocal via Coco + Kelly}

Beyond obsessed with these custom heraldries! If I was going the monogram route this would be my first stop- having a custom crest made!! Love how much personality shines through each of them- can’t get that through a plain old monogram. I believe that is the key to having them work at a wedding. Make it your own! Each one of these reflected the feel of the wedding and ended up being a totally fun element.

Friday Feature: Jane Schulak

I can honestly say that I am in complete and utter aw over this weeks friday feature! Today I will be featuring the creative genius Jane Schulak who created the most elegant and creative luncheon, with decor made up completely of paper! Using one of the rooms in the Louvre as the location, this gorgeous fete was dreamed up for a fundraiser for the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, France. Schulak choose paper as the theme due to the museums largest, oldest, and most extensive collection of paper and presses in the world. Jane collaborated with one of frances most magnificent paper artists Marianne Guely to execute this masterpiece of a party…

Each guest got to take home one of these paper topiaries as a memento!

What do you think? Would you throw an all paper party?

Good Morning Beautiful

Good morning beautiful, I wanted to start the day off with a fun brunch wedding inspiration board. With all of these elopements popping up on wedding blogs lately I thought what could be more perfect than a casual brunch elopement party. I just love the idea of a crisp, fresh, cream colored, brunch wedding in the spring time. I mean you really can’t beat the beautiful sunlight in the early morning, can you imagine those pictures of the bride and groom. Here is a peek of my perfect brunch wedding…


What do you think about doing breakfast or brunch for a wedding?