Happy New Year’s Eve from Beau & Arrow Events!

We had one crazy year starting this company. It has been filled with so many ups and downs (mostly ups!), but we feel so blessed that our dream has come true and can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for us! We wish you peace, love, happiness, and cake in the New Year and we hope you will continue to follow us on our journey!


Got New Year’s Plans?

There are only two days left until New Year’s Eve; have you finalized your plans for the big night? Every year I usually wait until the last minute to decide what to do, so if you’re anything like me, you’re going to need some options! Ellen will be welcoming 2012 in Los Angeles and I will be holding down the fort in SD, so we decided to list some of the best places to be when the ball drops-no matter which city you’re in. And do tell us your plans- we got to weigh all our options!

Los Angeles

For the  Show Goer

Not gonna lie I’m pretty jealous I will be missing the Cults live performance at The Standard Hotel Hollywood when the ball drops. They were definitely a break out band of 2011, and not only that Johnny & Jenny (Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley) as well as Dj Marion Hodges will also be providing entertainment for the night. Sip a drink by the pool in my honor please!

For the Sweet Tooth Lover

Just watched Marie Antoinette again and all I want is desserts, desserts, and more desserts! Are you dreaming of macaroons too? Then head to the oh so chic eatery Bottega Louie– they have a selection even the Queen of France would go giddy for! And yes, they have yummy Italian cuisine  and a gourmet market to boot too.They’re seating till midnight and ringing in the New Year with a champagne toast, the perfect companion to a sugar high!

For the Traditionalist

Okay, so it’s not really happening at night persay but seeing the floats for The Rose Parade being decorated up close and personal is something everyone should experience. You know we really love flowers so what else would you expect? You have the chance to see the floats on a couple different days but on New Year’s Eve from 11am-5pm. Did we mention it’s one of the more wallet friendly New Year’s activities? Costing only $10 a person- awesome!

San Diego

For the Costume Aficionado

We’re all about dressing up for New Year’s as it is, but roaring twenties? That is so up our alley! Makes us think of a party Chuck & Blair would host… El Dorado bar is doing the hosting and can’t say we wouldn’t mind drinking a sidecar there while wearing some pearls. The bartenders here are some of the best in SD! So come early (before 10:30) and get in with only a $10 cover.

For the Hip foodie

Starlite is a real gem; that rare mix of great food, drinks, and ambiance. We’d probably go here a couple times just for the decor (we’re those kind of people) but luckily we enjoy all the other offerings too! Make sure and get a mule– it is as good as everyone says it is but all the drinks are guaranteed to get your buzz on. Go this New Year’s Eve for either their three course dinner or drinks and party package- we’re sure you won’t regret either!

For the Wino….

How could you not love an Alice and Wonderland themed wine bar? Vin de Syrah is having a New Year’s Eve Masquerade ball complete with a dj and Burlesque dancers! Now that sounds like our kind of wine tasting!! It’s sure to be a blast, that is if you can find your way in the grass covered door

And A Fuchsia New Year…

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas with lots of great family and friends, we sure did! Our Christmas though, was anything but a white winter Christmas, instead we had a sunny SoCal Christmas in the 70’s, just the way we like it!

So with the temperatures rising, the year coming to a close, and a fresh start upon us I decided that 2012 is going to  be a colorful and vibrant year; full of new opportunities, fun adventures, and living out side of the box. With that I decided, why not start with a colorful and vibrant New Years Eve party to bring in the new year the right way. And what better color than fuchsia to really heat up the party…

{Pink Fine Paper.Lips.Champagne glass.Outfit.Invitation.Rim Sugar.Dinnerware} 

 How do you plan to spend New Years Eve

Real Bride Blogger Jessica: Making the List & Checking it Twice

Woooo-hooo! I’m engaged. I honestly jumped up and down for over an hour. I could not sit still. I don’t think I even slept that night I was so happy. And the next day, all I could do was stare at my ring. I barely got any work done.

And then it hit me- now I have to start planning one of the most important days of our lives together. Seriously, I recommend taking a week or two to just enjoy being engaged. Don’t make any decisions- just relax, because pretty soon all you are going to think about is your wedding and everyone is going to be asking you a million wedding questions. After giving myself time to simply bask in the newly engaged bliss, I decided to get down to business. Right off the bat, we both knew we wanted to tie the knot in October. October in Southern California is just beautiful- perfect weather and no crowds. It’s pretty much summer with no tourists.

Next came the hard part, deciding what kind of wedding we wanted. I poured over pictures on Pinterest and all the standard wedding blogs- SMP, GWS, Ruffled….However, looking at all the different wedding styles only confused me. One day I was sure I wanted a rustic barn wedding, but the next day my heart would be set on backyard soiree.

Luckily, Kate & Ellen gave me a solid little piece of advice– make your guest list and everything else will follow. Smart, but I still tried to avoid making the guest list right away because it seemed like a daunting task. Who wants to sit down and determine which friends and family  make the cut!?

I’m not going to lie, it was hectic and emotional narrowing down the people who matter most to us. We knew all along we wanted a smallish wedding with our close friends and family, but sitting down and selecting names was rough. Our conversations went something like this:

Me: If you invite so-and-so then you have to invite his girlfriend too, you know.

Him: What?! No, I don’t.

Me: Um, yes you do.

Him: We should invite what’s-his-name. He would be funny.

Me: You’d rather invite him than your <insert family member>.

Him: Well, he’s a good dancer.

Me: Um, don’t you think that would cause problems with your family. And how long has it been since you talked to him?

Him: Uhhh I don’t remember. A long time.

Frankly, there is no secret way to get the guest list done, except for sitting down and talking it out. We created a couple different lists and then asked ourselves these questions: Would we regret not inviting this person? Has this person played a role in our lives? Do we see them remaining close with us? After a few solid hours of work, we finally decided on seventy-five people we knew had to be part of our special day. Stay tuned for my venue selection post next week…

From B & A: It seems easy to blow off the guest list, but guest count really does play the central part in your budget. With additional guests- you have to budget more food, alcohol, tables- which then affects linens, centerpieces, chairs, etc. Likewise, the guest list can really help to determine the venue. Fifty people would look silly in most ballrooms and two hundred and fifty people are not going to fit at the cute little beach look-out.

As Jess mentioned, a ton of brides want to figure out every detail (favors, bridesmaid shoes, signature cocktail) of their wedding within the first couple weeks of being engaged. In order to stay sane and make sure the important things get tackled first we recommend strarting from a priority list and locking in important vendors before thinking about all the small things. And of course, first and foremost the guest list!

Don’t Hold it Against Me

In honor of the Princess of Pop’s recent engagement, we decided to have a little fun and create some Brit Brit wedding boards. And what better to use as inspiration than the songstress’s music? We couldn’t resist a glammed up circus wedding for the Pop star and created this “Circus”/ “Lucky” board.

{Beaded Dress.Fireworks.Invite.Sequin Dress.Glitter.Bouquet.Marquee Letters.Tent.Umbrellas}

We chose red, silver, ice blue, and accents of yellow to create the ultimate luxe circus wedding. Perfect for the fun loving couple that Jason and Britney are! Don’t those glitter stars remind you of the “Lucky” video? We definitely see Brit in a showstopping bedazzled gown in this wedding look and you can’t forget the fireworks at the end of the night!

Lace has always been a favorite of Britney’s, but instead of the traditional white lace she donned for her nuptials to K-Fed, we’re seeing Brit in black leather and lace. Hence the very sexy “Leather and Lace”/ Femme Fatale board.

{Wedding Dress.Veil.Invites. Lingerie. Flowers.Cake. Lace Dress. Handcuffs.Clutch.Shoes.Bow Lingerie.Flowers.Couch.Blanket}

She’s made it clear she’s into S &M… so we took her affection for all things sexy into account when creating this board. Jason won’t mind right? We see Britney in a stunning Zac Posen sculptural gown, her bridesmaids in nude, black, and white lace dresses and of course matching flowers in those shades. What to get the happy couple for wedding presents? A posh morrocan wedding blanket and Lois Vuitton handcuffs of course! We also threw in some honeymoon looks for good measure…

So which look would you like to see most for Brit Brit’s big day?

Monday Morning Mix- Christmas Edition

It’s no secret that listening to upbeat or Pop music in the morning not only elevates your mood immeaditely, but also helps keep you in a better mood all day. We decided to banish the Monday morning blues with a weekly Monday Morning Mix. This week in the spirit of Christmas we compiled a list of the best Pop artist Christmas songs (okay, there might be a couple exceptions on here!) but we hope you enjoy this mix and check back weekly to hear more of what we are listening to!


Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas is You” – The ultimate Pop Christmas song. Enough said.


Elton John “Step Into Christmas” – So infectious, will definitely get you into the holiday spirit. Maybe so much so you’ll try some egg nog this year.


Kylie Minogue “Santa Baby”- There are a ton of great versions of this song (Madonna!) but we loved Kylie’s sexy serenade and video.


Glee Cast “Christmas Wrapping”- We love The Waitresses original too, but after seeing the Cheerios dance around to this version we might have been swayed. Sorry.


Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock”- Lilo counts as a Pop artist right?  Regardless Mean Girls is a classic.


The Drifters “White Christmas”- Maybe not as upbeat as the rest of the songs, but the absolute best version of White Christmas!

Meet our Real Bride Blogger: Jess & Nick

We always love hearing insight from real brides, whether it be looking back at their wedding or while they’re still going through the planning process. We thought it would be exciting to have a real bride guest post once a week about her planning experiences and adventures. My sister Jessica voluntered and we thought she would be the perfect candidate, because not only is she a great writer but she is hot off the presses engaged –Nov. 2 to be exact!

We’ve already checked off some big items in the planning department; locked in a venue, caterer, and the dress, but there is much more to be done! I can’t tell who is more excited she or I? Although it sounds like it’s came easy there has definitely been some lessons Jess has learned so far into her planning journey and we’re so excited for her to share them with you here! Since we don’t want to spoil any of Jess’s posts we’ll instead give you a little background on the couple.

{Far left middle row: Sunday Romance}

“When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore!” Not sure if it was love at first sight when Jess + Nick met at the Italian restaurant they both worked at, since they were seeing other people, but by New Year’s Eve they were officially an item. Six months later they were already traveling together-their first trip as a couple was to Austrailia! Nick planned on staying a couple months, but had a change of heart once Jess headed back to school. They moved in together shortly after she graduated and by Christmas they had their first kid- Murphy (a puggle). Although they had only been dating two years, it was clear to the family this was the real deal.

They put a couple surf trips to Nicaraugua under their belt, lots of friends’ weddings, 4 more years of dating, a move from LA to SD, and another addition to the family (Mack– a mini Aussie) before officially getting engaged. In true Jess and Nick fashion, Nick proposed on a perfect day at the beach! But that is all just the beginning; check back often to see how the wedding planning unfolds…

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Although Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays, around this time of year I always wonder what it would be like to jet off on a tropical holiday vacay instead. Sounds appealing to leave behind all of the stress of shopping, cooking, and holiday traffic, doesn’t it? Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn weren’t so crazy in Four Christmases for leaving every year afterall.

And to worsen my case of holiday in the sun longing, the resort collections are out and all of my favorite shopping sites are displaying the coveted bikinis and beach accessories in all of their glory. Seriously Free People, a sequin bikini? That was designed just to torture me… so here is my dream packing list for that tropical trip that will happen someday!


Majorly obsessed with the faux zebra beach towel…jeez! What will they think of next!?

{Crochet Dress.Holiday Motel.Sequin Bikini.Zebra Towel.Nude Bikini.Luggage}

Deck The Halls

With Christmas just around the corner, Its time to pop in that favorite Christmas album, (Michael Buble – Christmas) dance and prance around the house, and decorate like Santa’s little elves. One of the most wonderful parts of the holidays is transforming your home into a winter wonderland

This year rather than Decking the halls with the customary red and green, Im giving Christmas the shine that it deserves by guilding the halls in gold. Here are a few picks for my home Christmas decor, If only in my dreams…    

           {Dessert Plates.Christmas Mantle.Sequin Stocking.Beaded Centerpiece.Gift Wrap}

{ DIY Jewel Wreath.Christmas Bar.Glinting Arrows Wrapping }

How do you plan to decorate this year? What is your favorite Christmas decoration?

It’s My Party and I Can Wear What I Want to…

My birthday is in exactly one week and since I didn’t celebrate big last year, I have an itchin’ to really do it up right this year. I’m pulling out all the stops– which means the night may end up reading like the lyrics of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”- but it also means I need a killer outfit!

I decided to share two of my options for the monumental occasion. I’m either showing my cards as naughty or taking a more innocent approach with the nice look. Help me decide which look is a keeper!!


Or Nice ??

{Naughty: Red Dress.Faux Fur.Studs.Bracelet.Bootie.Purse}

{Nice: Dress.Coat.Hair Ribbon.Bangle.Purse.Heel}