A Little Bit Rock & Roll

Maybe it’s the lack of Monday Morning Mixes I’ve been able to post lately, but I’m really jonesing for a heavily music inspired wedding to pop up and make me go oooh and ahhh. I would probably keel over and die if a couple asked us to re-create this Rock & Roll influenced fete. There’s nothing hair band esque or  over-the top about this made up event I’m imagining. Yes, we would need to bring in the glam rock with a smidge of sparkle, but I’m seeing everything else sleek & stream lined. Especially in love with the components in the board below: modern black & white portraits, retro record player, studded Jonathan adler vases, simple neon bar, sexy script, and rich flowers…….

{suit.poster.studs.cake.getting ready.record player.portraits.gold vase.white vase.type.bar.flowers}

High Fashion Inspiration: Hermes

We are constantly pulling ideas and inspiration from any and all things in our daily lives. One of the biggest places that we are constantly pulling design elements from is the stunning world of fashion. I am a firm believer that the fashion world tends to bleed and blend in to all facets of life and design. I love to look to the newest fashion trends and colors to pull into the designs of our weddings and events. Every once and awhile i’ll be posting inspiration boards based on some of my favorite fashion designers. Today I pulled together a Parisian, Hermes inspired board for the most elegant fete. There is something about the Hermes burnt orange that has always made me swoon, combine that with some grand chandeliers and a few scrumptious macaroons and you have an event I would die to be at…

{One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven}

What is your favorite fashion designer?

Good Morning Beautiful

Good morning beautiful, I wanted to start the day off with a fun brunch wedding inspiration board. With all of these elopements popping up on wedding blogs lately I thought what could be more perfect than a casual brunch elopement party. I just love the idea of a crisp, fresh, cream colored, brunch wedding in the spring time. I mean you really can’t beat the beautiful sunlight in the early morning, can you imagine those pictures of the bride and groom. Here is a peek of my perfect brunch wedding…


What do you think about doing breakfast or brunch for a wedding?