Friday Feature: Daughters of Simone

There are moments during wedding planning that simply take your breath away. One of them being the moment you  find “the dress.”  We were certainly short of breath when we stumbled across these super cute, but slightly unconventional wedding dresses.

Now that you’ve secured a man, and got a ring on that finger, it’s time to find a dress that is the perfect match too! With these vintage-inspired dresses designed by Daughters of Simone, you really can’t go wrong. Finally a designer taking our favorite fashion blasts from the past (60s & 70s!!) and translating those trends into wearable bridal attire.  The San Francisco based company designs wedding dresses that have a modern bohemian vibe, but are as timeless and treasurable as a family heirloom. This is one dress your daughter wouldn’t be embarrassed to later inherit!








Above are some of the latest designs from their 2014 collection, aptly called “Ritual Woman” (Hello Heart & Stevie Nicks!!). Our fave dresses include: Lu, Caterina, Dylan, and Cleo. Each dress is designed for a different type of woman in mind; from classic, to indie, rock n roll, country, or hippie, they all are unique. Be sure to check out their website for even more  wedding, and reception dresses. They are also stocked up on the best real vintage dresses a girl can find!