Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing all you cupcakes a very Happy Valentine’s Day from Beau & Arrow Events! We hope you have something special planned for tonight, whether it be a romantic dinner with your sweets or a night in front of the tube (New Girl woot! woot!).


The Ultimate Gift Box

Happy friday everyone! We thought we would get the weekend started with another great Valentine’s gift  that we are obsessing over here at B & A. What could be better than a crate over flowing with pink confections, or with everything you need to create the perfect spa night. Olive & Cocoa sure know what a girl wants, and even how we want it wrapped, in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon (I’d be happy with just the crate!). Note: Olive & Cocoa isn’t just great for Valentine’s day they have something for every occasion.

Wouldn’t you love to receive one of these crates from Olive & Cocoa?


Love In Print

We are starting off the week with another great little gift that you can get for your honey this Valentine’s Day. With V-day creeping up fast, just a little over a week away,it’s time to pull the trigger and buy your Valentine the perfect gift.  What better way to say Happy Valentine’s day than to show that special guy or gal exactly how you feel, written out in a fun framed print. Every time your honey see’s this print hanging on the wall they will think about just how much you love them, thats why we are just loving this gift option so much!

I think this Print just say’s it all- Who doesn’t want to just drop everything and run away and travel with their Beau!

This one just makes me giggle!

This is a fun tongue and cheek print that will put a little grin on your Valentine’s face.

{Lets Run Away.Adventures.Cooler Than Everyone.I Like You}

What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year??

Underneath It All

There’s little more than two weeks until Valentine’s Day 2012 and not gonna lie, I’m rather excited. A lot of folks harp on the commericalism of the holiday, but I really relish the day  for two main reasons: I feel no guilt whatsoever gorging myself on little heart shaped candies, and I always treat myself to a new dainty piece of lingerie to prance around in. I know you’re thinking waaay too much information right now, but seriously even if it’s just for yourself, how good does it feel to wear something pretty and ruffly on your bum? If you need more convincing here are my pastel lingerie picks from etsy…

{Eye Mask. Bow Sets. Puppy Love. Bloomers. Lilac Teddy. Pink Lace.}