Friday Feature: Pow Wow Vintage Rentals

We knew from the second Melissa suggested meeting at Ponce’s that we were going to like her. What’s not to like about the interior designer turned owner of Pow Wow Vintage Rentals? She’s one of those girls who just oozes cool. And that is exactly the type of lady you want scouring and collecting one of a kind, unique rental pieces! Every project Melissa works on she infuses her eclectic style in it. We’ve gathered some of our favorite images showcasing Pow Wow’s rental goods!
Love the playful patterened pillows lining the brown wooden Pow Wow benches! We would love to enjoy a ceremony set up just like this. Plus, we die for that gorgeous altar!
The stunning and infamous peacock chairs (Rue Magazine shoot, anyone?)– Melissa has four in her collection to rent out. Talk about some grand seating for the sweatheart table! Love the lattice Melissa creatively used on this tablescape.
 {Images shot by Erin Hearts CourtThe Loveliest Day}
I think our hearts beat a little bit faster every time we spy pics of this fabulous shoot from Sitting in a Tree & Sweet Emilia Jane. Melissa worked her magic on this shoot as well, supplying all the gorgeous gypsy worthy pieces.
Love that Pow Wow offers those beyond rad moroccan lamps– so fun and we can envision so many different places to use them!
From rugs, to pillows, to plates, to antlers– Pow Wow has you covered for any and all bohemian accessories you might need. Pretty smitten with those amber plates. Very stunning and impactful on this darker table set up.
 {Images shot by Swoon by Katie, on Green Wedding Shoes}
 Ohh la la! Another favorite set up of ours was this dreaaamy lounge Melissa concocted for The Dream Bridal Event at Luce Loft this past spring. Pink & gold– it has our name written all over it!
The moroccan day bed is hands down one of our most favorite pieces in Pow Wow’s collection. The gold coffee table and those gold wicker side tables are high up there on our list of must use as well.
 Love that she can rig a beautiful light set up anywhere!  We want to see more original lighting ideas like this one at weddings.
 {Images shot by Luna Photo, on LuxeFinds}
If you couldn’t already tell, Melissa is one crafty lady! Check out the aisle runner she made out of dyed sawdust for a recent wedding. Uh-mazing! And pure genius!! She will craft fabulous fun things like this, as well as, custom wedding signs for your big day. Check out the Pow Wow Facebook page to see more images of this crazy cool aisle and of course more behind the scenes and inventory pics!
We could not be more excited to be working with Melissa this wedding season and can’t wait to share all of the goodies that are in store! So looking forward to seeing how Pow Wow continues to grow and beautify weddings one piece of unique furniture at a time.

Recycled Wedding Decor

I absolutely love when you can take an everyday object and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. Here at B & A we are constantly pulling inspiration from any and all things around us from books, umbrella’s, even film. Not only does it make beautiful and fun decor for your wedding but it helps out the environment as well. Its also always so fun to hear all of the funny things guests say when they realize what things are actually created out of. I thought today I would share some of my favorite everyday objects transformed into some amazing wedding decor…

A vase made from book pages…it even has a flower in it!


A colorful umbrella arch!

That fabric backdrop is amazing!

Hanging Wedding Centerpieces

{One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six}

Monday Obsession: Monograms Done Right

Monograms get a bad rap. I know I’ve seen some cheesy ones in my day, but lately people have been getting it right and making them look better than ever for weddings. Dare I say chic? Monograms instantly transform something from ordinary to a custom designed item- just with a few initials. Plus, they remind everyone why they’re all there celebrating in the first place- to see two people start their lives together and become one, and there can’t be a better reason to put your initals all over everything than that,right?

{Wall decal monogram via Bash Please, photo by Charley Star}

Decals are a great way to cover a large, white space with something decorative. The best part, they come right off at the end of the night and are often resuable, so you can stick up your monogram at home too!

{Reception table shot by Jill Thomas Photography}

This head table is about as traditional as they come, and I love everything about it! Best place to display your monogram? Right in front of you and your sweetie! Will make for great photos all night.

{Escort display with Moss Monogram via Ruffled shot by Kyle Hale}

The moss monogram has become a staple at weddings; usually seen hanging off chairs or on the doors into the reception. I love how they framed this one and used it with the moss covered escort card table. Another item to display at home after the wedding!

{Cake and invites via Greylikes, photo by Samuel Lippke }

The cake monogram is probably the trickiest of all to master. This one nailed it continuing the same script used on the invites. Love how it’s subtle and not all in your face. Goes great with the rest of the rustic decor!

{Custom Monogram Heraldry by Happy Menocal via Coco + Kelly}

Beyond obsessed with these custom heraldries! If I was going the monogram route this would be my first stop- having a custom crest made!! Love how much personality shines through each of them- can’t get that through a plain old monogram. I believe that is the key to having them work at a wedding. Make it your own! Each one of these reflected the feel of the wedding and ended up being a totally fun element.