Got New Year’s Plans?

There are only two days left until New Year’s Eve; have you finalized your plans for the big night? Every year I usually wait until the last minute to decide what to do, so if you’re anything like me, you’re going to need some options! Ellen will be welcoming 2012 in Los Angeles and I will be holding down the fort in SD, so we decided to list some of the best places to be when the ball drops-no matter which city you’re in. And do tell us your plans- we got to weigh all our options!

Los Angeles

For the  Show Goer

Not gonna lie I’m pretty jealous I will be missing the Cults live performance at The Standard Hotel Hollywood when the ball drops. They were definitely a break out band of 2011, and not only that Johnny & Jenny (Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley) as well as Dj Marion Hodges will also be providing entertainment for the night. Sip a drink by the pool in my honor please!

For the Sweet Tooth Lover

Just watched Marie Antoinette again and all I want is desserts, desserts, and more desserts! Are you dreaming of macaroons too? Then head to the oh so chic eatery Bottega Louie– they have a selection even the Queen of France would go giddy for! And yes, they have yummy Italian cuisine  and a gourmet market to boot too.They’re seating till midnight and ringing in the New Year with a champagne toast, the perfect companion to a sugar high!

For the Traditionalist

Okay, so it’s not really happening at night persay but seeing the floats for The Rose Parade being decorated up close and personal is something everyone should experience. You know we really love flowers so what else would you expect? You have the chance to see the floats on a couple different days but on New Year’s Eve from 11am-5pm. Did we mention it’s one of the more wallet friendly New Year’s activities? Costing only $10 a person- awesome!

San Diego

For the Costume Aficionado

We’re all about dressing up for New Year’s as it is, but roaring twenties? That is so up our alley! Makes us think of a party Chuck & Blair would host… El Dorado bar is doing the hosting and can’t say we wouldn’t mind drinking a sidecar there while wearing some pearls. The bartenders here are some of the best in SD! So come early (before 10:30) and get in with only a $10 cover.

For the Hip foodie

Starlite is a real gem; that rare mix of great food, drinks, and ambiance. We’d probably go here a couple times just for the decor (we’re those kind of people) but luckily we enjoy all the other offerings too! Make sure and get a mule– it is as good as everyone says it is but all the drinks are guaranteed to get your buzz on. Go this New Year’s Eve for either their three course dinner or drinks and party package- we’re sure you won’t regret either!

For the Wino….

How could you not love an Alice and Wonderland themed wine bar? Vin de Syrah is having a New Year’s Eve Masquerade ball complete with a dj and Burlesque dancers! Now that sounds like our kind of wine tasting!! It’s sure to be a blast, that is if you can find your way in the grass covered door