The Big Day: Alana & Tyler!!

It’s Friday and we are grinning ear to ear. That’s what happens when we’re en route to Palm Springs. That’s also what happens when we’re headed into a fun-filled weekend for a RAD wedding. Alana & Tyler are that dream couple that you hope you get to work with and they are of course very very rad. Need some proof? Here’s some goodies we’re incorporating into their big day on Saturday: disco balls. polaroid escort cards. a record wall. a pie bar. fake mustaches. Yup, we’re still grinning.

Alana & Tyler inspiration-1

Alana & Tyler 2

If you couldn’t tell, these two are music lovers. From their record wedding invitations to their band poster table names, this shared love for rock n roll will be weaved throughout their whole day. The cherry on the tippy top of this musical sundae is The Flashdance. Couldn’t think of anyone better to rock out this wedding! Yup, still smiling. Can’t wait for tomorrow and to be working with the lovely Root 75, Honey Honey, Amy Clarke, Lady Dianna, Yeah Rentals, and Son of Sharkpig on this killer Ace Wedding. All this talk got you hot & bothered? Head over to our Pinterest to see what else inspired A&T’s big day and stay tuned to our instagram for some sneak peeks! Promise not to post too many poolside pics

We Got Creamed!


That’s right! Beau & Arrow Events has been snatched up by the sneaky & rad curators of The Cream Event Bash, Please! We are beyond stoked since it was just last year we were attending this event as guests. Now, we have some tricks of our own up our sleeves for the most fab wedding showcase ever!


If you are in the L.A. area (actually, even if you are not you should make a special trip-it’s beyond worth it!) on March 10th do yourself a favor and buy a ticket, and get your booty over to the Vibiana. If our pairing up with the talented Bloem Hill gals isn’t enough to convince you, then go to score some delicious cuisine from Vetted Table, try some tasty organic ice cream from Sweet Lucie’s, or for the guaranteed dance party from The Flashdance. Sneak a peek of the beyond gorgeous inspiration for the event below!


Emerald, midnight blue, ivory, wood, and touches of gold- sounds like our fantasy party! Stay tuned to see what goodies we have brewing up for this extra special event

Real Bride Blogger Jessica: Pump up the Jam!

Since it’s Music Monday and because I haven’t updated everyone in awhile, I’m going to share my experiences on selecting a DJ and picking music for the big day. I think the importance of picking a DJ is an often over-looked process. A DJ actually can play an integral part in the wedding. The DJ has to make sure to play the right songs at the right time (how awkward would it be if they played the wrong father/daughter song? or worse first dance song!?) and of course they have to be an excellent MC. Don’t want someone droning on in the background the whole night!

At first, I tried to go the bargain route (definitely learned you get what you pay for!) on DJs and met a couple of duds before I found the perfect one. My first DJ meeting the guy didn’t even show up. Hmm- can’t hire someone that can’t even make it to the meeting. What if he doesn’t show up on the Big Day?! The second DJ was just not my style- too corny and not really enthusiastic about playing songs I want to hear. He actually said- “Yeah, you can, like, pick a couple songs you want me to play.” Are you kidding me? I want the music at our wedding to reflect us, not just a couple random songs thrown in.

{Can’t go wrong with The Flashdance!}

When we met Chad from Injoy Entertainment, I knew we would be in good hands. He showed me a couple videos of him DJing at different weddings. He talked about how he would handle certain situations, such as cutting off too many people from toasting and getting the crowd to watch the cake cutting. I also love that Injoy has an interactive web portal set up where you can update your music and put in must play songs for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner time, and dancing. Now I know all our songs will be played- not just a couple!

Now on to the playlist! Music selection is a huge part of our wedding; it’s not only going to set the mood for the whole occasion, but also really resonates with us as a couple. Honestly, picking the music has been one of our favorite parts of the wedding process!

Selecting the ceremony music has been the easiest so far. I knew right away what song I wanted to walk down the aisle to and was certain of our recessional song too. I want to leave some of the songs a surprise for everyone. But here’s one of the processional songs- Band of Horses- “On My Way Back Home”

Picking a first dance song was a little tricky, since I feel like we have so many songs that are “our” songs. Again, I’m not going to tell which song we picked but here’s some that we had a hard time deciding between:

Brad Paisley – She’s Everything

Garret Hedlund & Leighton Meester- Give into Me

Jeffrey Gaines- Your Eyes

Picking a father/daughter song has been rough too. Sorry Dad, but we both know you’re not the greatest dancer and I’m dancing with you to Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark or Rocky’s Eye of the Tiger. Definitely don’t want to go the corny route either (think Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlise or I Loved Her First by Heartland).  But I do think I’ve finally decided on the perfect song that will easily transition to a nice mother/son dance as well. Sorry keeping it a secret for now!

I’m really looking forward to cocktail hour and dinnertime music selections. We aren’t huge dancers so most of our favorite songs are more upbeat mellow music. Guests are going to be playing cornhole and sipping signature drinks to the sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Sublime, Tom Petty, and Alan Jackson. Dinner music will include songs form Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Mumford & Sons, Bob Marley, & the Eagles. Our music is definitely a mix of old school songs, country, rock, and indie.

 I’ve also nailed the perfect cake cutting song, in my opinion! Everyone told me that it has to do with sweets or sugar, So I’ve decided on “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard. And yes, I think Grandma will love it!

For dance music, we are actually taking requests! We have a song request line on our RSVP cards, because we really want to make sure that guests are grooving to their favorite jams (please no Call Me, Maybe). Nothing is worse than a bunch of people just milling around at the edge of the dance floor (not that Chad would ever let that happen!). Not going to lie, I expect to see some great moves to “Low” by Flo Rida- as much as the boys sing this song ( you know who you are).

I leave you with a couple more songs that will be in the big day somewhere. Enjoy!

“This is How We Do It”- Montell Jordan

“Forever Young”- Youth Group

“Gravity Rides Everything”- Modest Mouse



A Few Notes from B &A: As much fun as it is to select all of the specialty songs (cake cutting, father/daughter, first dance, etc.) it is also really important to discuss with your DJ songs that you do not want played during the wedding. Some couples “Call Me Maybe”, could be another couple’s “Macarena!” If certain songs irk you, don’t assume your DJ will know this- make a list of DO NOT PLAY songs and pass it over to your DJ a couple of weeks before the wedding to ensure a non-stop perfect playlist! Don’t forget to also find out what attire your DJ plans on donning and if it will fit with your vibe. You can give them some guidelines so don’t feel bad for double checking!