Underneath It All

There’s little more than two weeks until Valentine’s Day 2012 and not gonna lie, I’m rather excited. A lot of folks harp on the commericalism of the holiday, but I really relish the day  for two main reasons: I feel no guilt whatsoever gorging myself on little heart shaped candies, and I always treat myself to a new dainty piece of lingerie to prance around in. I know you’re thinking waaay too much information right now, but seriously even if it’s just for yourself, how good does it feel to wear something pretty and ruffly on your bum? If you need more convincing here are my pastel lingerie picks from etsy…

{Eye Mask. Bow Sets. Puppy Love. Bloomers. Lilac Teddy. Pink Lace.}

Nautical Niceties


Do you frequent Society 6‘s website? I like checking back there often- always a good source of quick inspiration! I instantly loved this anchor print and thought it tied in nicely with the whole brights and neutrals Spring trend we’ve been chatting about. Couldn’t you just picture a beachy nautical wedding with muted linens (burlap even maybe!?) and super bright flowers. Love the pale striped bridesmaid dresses too, but the anchor got me thinking how fun would it be to mix in a little Pucci print as well for the girls attire? The possibilites are endless

The Bold &The Beautiful

These gorgeous ladies know how to rock a heavy dose of color! But would this look translate for a wedding party?

I found this picture of models backstage at the Spring 2012 shows and thought this color scheme would be gorgeous for bridesmaids! Or if you’re a little more adventurous maybe have all bright dresses and skip the muted ones….

 Which roundup do you prefer; the mix n match or the go bright or go home?

{All dresses from Shopbop}