A Little Bit Rock & Roll

Maybe it’s the lack of Monday Morning Mixes I’ve been able to post lately, but I’m really jonesing for a heavily music inspired wedding to pop up and make me go oooh and ahhh. I would probably keel over and die if a couple asked us to re-create this Rock & Roll influenced fete. There’s nothing hair band esque or  over-the top about this made up event I’m imagining. Yes, we would need to bring in the glam rock with a smidge of sparkle, but I’m seeing everything else sleek & stream lined. Especially in love with the components in the board below: modern black & white portraits, retro record player, studded Jonathan adler vases, simple neon bar, sexy script, and rich flowers…….

{suit.poster.studs.cake.getting ready.record player.portraits.gold vase.white vase.type.bar.flowers}