Monday Morning Mix: Back to School Daze

Definitely a little in denial that it’s the second week of September- where did summer go!? With the arrival of Fall comes many things to look forward to though; the return of Fall TV (Gossip Girl!), fall Fashion shows, and the excitement of a fresh school year starting! Although it’s been some time that we’ve been able to partake in back to school shopping, I don’t think we’ll ever shake that Fall feeling. Plus, there’s nothing better than those first initial shopping trips to stock up on jeans and sweaters in Autumn! Below is an inspiration board in honor of  school daze starting again with a color palette of oxblood, navy, grass green, chalkboard, and of course touches of tartan. Check out the mix to get you through the first month of this bittersweet season.

{megaphone.petit jacket.bowties.neon crest}

For your commute to school or work

When all that studying feels never ending

Because sometimes you do just need to put your head down on your desk

Wish they would have played this at our school dances

For that secret crush….