Monday Morning Mix: To The Sea


Have to admit, I’m not quite ready for full blown summer weather yet and don’t mind these gloomy beach days. They can be beautiful and relaxing in their own right. I created this black, white, and blush board while listening to Lykke Li’s version of Unchained Melody and was inspired by a dark and moody beach wedding setting- not your typical bash at the beach. Have a listen to Lykke’s take bel0w- it’s hauntingly gorgeous– and enjoy this not quite summer weather!

Monday Morning Mix: Covered in Love

I really enjoy a good cover song. This edition of Monday Morning Mix is all covers for your listening pleasure. Also went in a more mellow, direction to match all of this  rainy & overcast weather, so grab a coffee, press play, and enjoy.

Monday Morning Mix: Random Love Songs

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and although we thought about making the ultimate greatest┬áLove Song Playlist- it was just WAY too hard. Talk about pressure and we knew we wouldn’t be able to please everyone. So alas, we put our itunes on shuffle and made a really great random love song mix. We happen to like it better this way too.