Having a ball with Bouts!

These days weddings are all about standing out, going against the grain, and pushing the envelope. One way to keep with tradition while standing out from the crowd of wedding guests is a lively Boutonniere. The perfect finishing touch to the quintessential wedding suite is a stunning poise pinned perfectly to your lapel. Bridal parties these days are getting a treat with a wide verity of funky and fun boutonniere’s rather than our parents boring old spray rose and babies breath. Below are some of our favorite out of the box bout beauties.
soft boutsBouts can still be soft and subtle while still standing out, you can do so by choosing a funky structured flower in a muted color palette. Or pairing a fluffy white ranunculus with some interesting greenery.

Nat bout

If your more into a natural look with a bit more of a masculine feel than dessert flowers are probably the bout for you. Succulents and cactus are some of the bests ways to create this look with a fun textured style.

color bout3Lastly a little pop of color never hurt any attire, pair a solid colored suite with a fun pop of red, pink, yellow, or orange and everyones eyes will be on you for the best dressed gent in the room.

{One. Two. Three. FourFive. Six. Seven. EightNine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve}

What’s your favorite poise for a bout?

Friday Feature: Speak Louder

If you know us well then you know that fashion & Etsy are two of the most beloved things on this earth in our book. Oh, and we love a really good looking male accessory. Of course we’re referring to ties, bowties, and pocket squares.

The Speak Louder Etsy shop delivers on all accounts. Stylish. Affordable. Easy. Yup, easy. They group together coordinating patterns and prints of their bowties, pocket squares, and ties and sell them as a lovely wedding set so it takes all the guess work out of styling for you. Don’t think we could love that any more.

Classic pocket square paired with a fun tie? Check!

Adore this collection of black, white, and charcoal accessories. Even with out the charming liberty prints, the mixing of all of the different styles and fabrics will make the groomsmen look so GQ without looking like they tried to hard.

Yes, had to include practically every piece in the collection because each one is like a little work of art and  so refreshingly original. Love this funky floral pastel print they got going on.

 No excuse for your groomsmen looking anything less than spectacular now.  Click yourself over to their Etsy shop to ensure they look dapper for your big day. We understand though if you don’t want them looking prettier than you. It’s just like dating Brad Pitt.