Chic Supplies to Start the Year in Style

Isn’t getting hyper organized on the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list!? Well, we say you can never be organized enough! We’re rounding up our picks for keeping the office polished and productive!

let's get organized


Chalkboards may not be the most practical, but dang when it looks this good who could resist!? Also loving this “office sayings” stamp. We would be rolling the “I need coffee” on everything! Gold stapler….enough said.


Now this is a notepad we really need! Helps you stay on top of all of your social media outlets daily- genius! We’re ¬†coveting every item from Russel + Hazel’s shop, but especially adore their perfectly styled storage supplies!get organizedWe’re all about the multi-tasking around here, so what could be better than a tea towel that doubles as a calendar! Really loving the idea of storing all our notepads & pens in these simple and stylish glass boxes. Simply putting items in a designated box just makes it seem less cluttered…..

Check out the links to all of the fabulous items featured and please share your own cute office accessories with us!

{russel+hazel acrylics.chalkboard.stamp.stapler.folders.notepad.russel+hazel storage.peace paperweight.whitney english day designer.tea towel calendar.pencil box.letter opener. phone pad}

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