Kiss me, I’m Irish!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Right in between Valentine’s Day and Easter this year, it’s easy for some to overlook the holiday, but not me. Any day that gives one the excuse to wear emerald attire, drink green beer, and pinch innocent unsuspecting people, deserves to be celebrated! I even went as far as to round-up some lovely Patty’s Day wedding inspiration….hope you enjoy!


Whilst looking for fun green details, I came across several emerald wedding dresses I remember loving when they first hit the blogs. I really adore the idea of wearing a colored wedding dress and think they’re going to be seen more and more, but wanted to hear some thoughts…would you opt out of traditional white to don a rich hue? Let me know in the comments below! I also rounded up a few new green gowns to go ga ga for…..


Cheers to a wonderfully, lucky day! Remember to drink your green beer responsibly!

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  1. Jess

     /  March 17, 2012

    Love it all. Green is such an amazing color. And its so easy to find in nature and play up.

  1. Precious and gorgeous as the emerald itself- the bridal inspiration in the crystal green | Wedding Beauty

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