Monday Morning Mix- Christmas Edition

It’s no secret that listening to upbeat or Pop music in the morning not only elevates your mood immeaditely, but also helps keep you in a better mood all day. We decided to banish the Monday morning blues with a weekly Monday Morning Mix. This week in the spirit of Christmas we compiled a list of the best Pop artist Christmas songs (okay, there might be a couple exceptions on here!) but we hope you enjoy this mix and check back weekly to hear more of what we are listening to!


Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas is You” – The ultimate Pop Christmas song. Enough said.


Elton John “Step Into Christmas” – So infectious, will definitely get you into the holiday spirit. Maybe so much so you’ll try some egg nog this year.


Kylie Minogue “Santa Baby”- There are a ton of great versions of this song (Madonna!) but we loved Kylie’s sexy serenade and video.


Glee Cast “Christmas Wrapping”- We love The Waitresses original too, but after seeing the Cheerios dance around to this version we might have been swayed. Sorry.


Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock”- Lilo counts as a Pop artist right? ¬†Regardless Mean Girls is a classic.


The Drifters “White Christmas”- Maybe not as upbeat as the rest of the songs, but the absolute best version of White Christmas!

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